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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Drone Animation

The Fast Company ambulance drone really took off! It was shared from FastCoDesign over 6000 times and picked up by news organizations around the world. We’ve received lots of comments and questions over the past few weeks, and it’s even led to a few project inquiries.
The Discovery Channel asked if we could render the ambulance drone landing and taking off, which I did over this past weekend. Mark Rolston added some particle and other effects resulting in the video below.
Monday, February 9, 2015

MoI GUI Builder (MGB)

enter image description here
I probably already mentioned it, but I really like MoI3D. It’s been really fun to work with and has an ultra simple interface– in fact, maybe too simple. I prefer a darker and more technical workspace, and Michael Gibson uses an html framework for building the GUI for MoI.
That’s cool because anyone with some knowledge of HTML, Javascript and CSS can now modify the old interface to create a new one. Pretty cool!
The only problem is it’s quite a chore digging through the different selectors in CSS and trying to match them up with the interface– especially without any sort of firebug inspection utility. There have been a few who have tried, and it’s quite the challenge to modify any of their generous offerings.
Michael Gibson has said it’s on his to do list, but, selfishly, I’d rather him focus on more important stuff, like 64-bit compatibility.
So, I sat down Friday night and decided it was time to help Michael out a bit by creating a free tool which allows anyone who can point and click to modify MoI’s interface. I built it in LiveCode, an extreme rapid development tool and just released it Sunday evening. For those of you who use MoI, please enjoy!

Here are instructions on how to use it and the download locations.
And a video describing how it works.

Medical Drone

enter image description here
I really like doing these quick turnaround projects with the argo team. The challenge was to create a future vision for the medical industry and one of the concepts (Ian MacDowell) involved using drone technology to bring an emergency attendant to the scene of an accident in a car-sized drone. You may want to read the finished article at FastCoDesign.

We had less than a week to complete this, so I started in SketchUp and created some quick sketches directions:

enter image description here

Wearables Designs

enter image description here

Recently I was asked to help design some wearables products for an article at FastCoDesign.

The team at argodesign came up with some nifty ideas, and my job was to quickly turn them around into believable designs, complete with photorealistic renders.

Here are some of the concept sketches– all done on an iPad using neu.Notes+:

Ouija Band

Ouija Band 2

New Set Of MoI3D tutorials

I’ve been spending a lot of time using 3D apps lately. My new goto app for hard surface modeling is the spline based MoI 3D app by Michael Gibson. Not only is this application a full-on solids modeler, but it’s super easy to use as well. Those of us coming from poly/SubD backgrounds need to rethink some basic strategies, but for the most part things couldn’t be simpler.

I created a few tutorials which I hope will help others understand the power and ease of use this program has.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

LC tool for creating iOS icons

enter image description here

A LiveCode tool for quickly build ALL icons and splashscreens for iOS.


I recently starting to build an iOS app Timesheet app using Google Spreadsheets. I hadn’t worked with the iOS settings for 6-8 months and this picture is what confronted me as I first opened the iOS Standalone settings.

In particular, I was most concerned with the number of new 1 Icons and 2 Splash Screen files I would have to create. Ouch, 18 total files! And how to figure out what files size of PNG to put for each?

I posted online some questions and didn’t get back all the answers I was looking for. I did more research, but never did find WHERE all the icon and splash screen sizes were documented.

Finally I figured out if you load the WRONG PNG size into the Standalone builder, it will tell you the correct size! So, using that information, I created this table.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Updated DiagramCreator

A new update is available for DiagramCreator. If you have DiagramCreator, just Check for updates under the help menu. If you don't have it, you can download it here (Please read the instructions on how to install GraphViz!). Once you've downloaded the app, PLEASE Check for Updates!

You can now copy and paste node settings from one node to another. Here's how it works. First SHIFT-CLICK on the Node (in the display window, not the main window) you want to copy settings from. Then option-click on the node you want to copy the settings to. All the settings except the name will be copied.

Or, if you want to NOT copy the Group or Icon settings, then Command-Click (Ctrl-Click for PC).

If you control-click (command-click on a Mac) then all the settings EXCEPT the Group settings will be copied. Hope this helps.

Also, you can now click the About menu item under Help to find out the version of DiagramCreator you are currently using.

To enable these new features, please CHECK FOR UPDATES under the Help menu.

Also, please check out this THEME manual which has some tips and tricks to using these new features and MORE!