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Monday, February 9, 2015

MoI GUI Builder (MGB)

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I probably already mentioned it, but I really like MoI3D. It’s been really fun to work with and has an ultra simple interface– in fact, maybe too simple. I prefer a darker and more technical workspace, and Michael Gibson uses an html framework for building the GUI for MoI.
That’s cool because anyone with some knowledge of HTML, Javascript and CSS can now modify the old interface to create a new one. Pretty cool!
The only problem is it’s quite a chore digging through the different selectors in CSS and trying to match them up with the interface– especially without any sort of firebug inspection utility. There have been a few who have tried, and it’s quite the challenge to modify any of their generous offerings.
Michael Gibson has said it’s on his to do list, but, selfishly, I’d rather him focus on more important stuff, like 64-bit compatibility.
So, I sat down Friday night and decided it was time to help Michael out a bit by creating a free tool which allows anyone who can point and click to modify MoI’s interface. I built it in LiveCode, an extreme rapid development tool and just released it Sunday evening. For those of you who use MoI, please enjoy!

Here are instructions on how to use it and the download locations.
And a video describing how it works.

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