WebEx no match for GoToMeeting

Wow. WebEx really sucks. I purchased a plan a couple months ago in addition to my existing GTM account because it appears WebEx is a better deal dollar-wise AND has an amazing iPad app. Plus, their logo is much prettier.

Huge mistake. Unbelievably, WebEx’s technology just doesn’t work. Screens freeze up, no one can make out what another person is doing. After at least a dozen trys, I’m giving up. No one in any of my WebEx meetings has any faith they’re actually looking at the same screen

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everyone else is looking at. I’ve tried on Macs, PCs, iPads and had others try as well and we’ve all decided to go back and stick with GTM.

Also, their interface is just horrible. Try to host a meeting? Can’t figure it out without a ton of clicks. Just go to WebEx.com and look for a place for users to login– bet you can’t find it.

So, I decided to cancel my WebEx account and guess what? There’s no online interface for canceling a $20/month account? WTF! Are you kidding me? So, now I have to call them between the hours of 6 and 4 and be on hold, etc. waiting to talk to some idiot who will try and keep me as a customer– to which I’ll end up getting angry with and telling them to JUST CANCEL MY ACCOUNT!

For some reason I always thought WebEx was the high class grand daddy of the virtual meeting services. Man, was I wrong. WEBEX JUST DOES NOT WORK!

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